It started off with WordCamp at Network Hub, and now I put my but through another ‘laboring” task.

I did it. I finally took my sorry butt pass the library today.
I usually go straight into the library to return magazines and borrow some old classic DVDs. (I just saw All About Eve, and that movie reminds me why I’m not the biggest fan of a catty office environment or working backstage on a theatre production).

Anyways, I decided today to move my butt to the local community centre. After finishing the New Media program, and starting my gig at Worldsat International, I haven’t been moving around much.

I usually swat and shoo away at little thoughts of insecurity when I glance at the lastest fashion magazines while waiting in line paying for groceries. There’s a lot of physical features that the average girl can find unattainable, and often misunderstand that most of these “special qualities” are added in or flaws cloned out.

The Dove Ad is highly known >

This “Magic of Photoshop” made me laugh while watching it >

I’m just so down-to-earth and keep it low maintenance with my physical appearance.

Make-up: Ehh… Foundation is the hardest thing to find for me with my “bumpy, oily skin” and the main thing is lighting. Lighting is different everywhere, so make-up that initially looked great while put own doesn’t look so great somewhere else.

And I have a tendency to rub my eyes… Eyeshadow can leave in 30 minutes tops because I forgot I put it on.

Mascara: Pftt! Let’s start with eyelash implants (Lisa Simpsons’ reference > Beauty Pageant episode) before smothering them with mascara.
As a young girl in high-school, I was always jealous of my guy-pals because they have longer and lush eyelashes.

Clothes: I like them to be fitting or just comfy.

With leads back to the beginning-
Ever since I stopped dashing from one class to another, and from workplace to another I’ve been noticing it’s harder to button up my jeans.

Anything can contribute to my ever-growing belly- Is it just because I eat too much?

Well, that can’t really be.
Ok, maybe. I’ve been eating more smaller portions, but more often in a day.

For months now I look down at my mid-section and just mumble, “It’s just the jeans, they’re shrinking, they’re made of mostly of cotton, they shrink….”

Trying to reason with myself backed up with a little bit of fashion care knowledge just didn’t cut it anymore.
It was a little pebble that rolled down a ski-slope that turned into a threatening and present giant snowball.

Everywhere, magazines with models on the cover screaming- “Look at my mid-section, it’s so FLAT!”
A little bulge hanging over what used to be my coveted, tight-fitting jeans.
Coughing, wheezing, cramping as I struggled running after trying to pass the fourth block with Travis screaming, “Hurry up! We’re late!” trying to make it to see Wicked the Musical in New York.

Nudge became push when Travis picked up Zoo York tees for Fall’08 at the popular sample sale at FX Fashion near VCC Station. He was well meaning and picked up these really cute tees, he even called to ask what size I was….

Cathy tried to reassure me that at sample sales, it’s hard to find stuff to fit you anyways.
The cute tees were in medium.

I was intending to grow in height.

The letter H gets kicked over by the W,

I admit they have a looser fit and they cover my lil Buddha buddy.
My ‘fortune’ on my Roobios Yogi Tea bag today-

“Your body is a temple. Treat it well.”

It’s been for a few months just back and forth between one desk at work and one at home.
I barely do anything else in between because I’m just tired at the end of the day.

So I finally did it.
No more excuses.
I have found a way to catch up on my reading and move.

Anyone working in front of a computer or at a desk for a long period of time daily should really consider checking out the b active pass. It’s pretty cool- It covers aquafit classes, fitness classes, swim, workouts in weight room, and other features around the Burnaby area.  I picked up a pass for the month, because the price for 10 visits is the same amount for the month anyways

My bum is still sore from pedaling on a mechanical bike at the centre just a couple of hours ago.

Butt it’s for the best for the future to become fit.