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Hellooooo World!
December 4, 2008, 10:01 pm
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Whooey- August long weekend

Phew, it’s already August.

Had a great quiet long weekend.

Still recovering from my short trip to Vegas to see the Margarito/Cotto fight.
As you can tell from the photo above, we had a great time.

Eventually I’ll get to summarizing what happened during my trip last week, but for now
here are some highlights of my time at this weekend’s Powell Street Festival.

Food food food.

Candle wonton and sushi stand-raw - 7

WaQs Sushi, a division of Snauq Enterprises Inc.
Hand-made in Victoria BC

Whoops, I guess candles don’t count as food…


tatsuko sushi jewellery raw - 2

Sushi platters by tasuko
Sandra Tatsuko Kadowaki

Handmade unedibles… looks too good to eat.
More like handmade wearables.

Takoyaki making-raw - 07

I skipped the crazy long Takoyaki line,

Imagawayaki stand-raw - 1
But went for the freshly made red bean desserts.

More of my photos>

Porn + iTunes

BNL at WWDC 2008

Barenaked Ladies | WWDC Beer Bash

by Graham Ballantyne

On my lunch break, just looking over my flickr account and wandered over to my favorites.
I quickly flipped through photos posted by Graham Ballantyne of the WWDC Beer Bash (Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco June 12 2008) with the Barenaked Ladies.  

What can I say?
Je suis tres jaloux.

by moconnor725

Curious to see if anyone had cellphone videos of the event, I checked YouTube.
This is a hilarious story involving Ed of BNL and one of the winners of The Apprentice awhile back.

Moral: Be sure to check your preferences of your programs on your computer….  especially sharing in iTunes… :) 

Helvetica the Film on iTunes

Helvetica may seem just “plain” to the regular eye.

But this typeface is applied in many different situations and places.

Celebrated its 50th anniversary, “Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which celebrated its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives.”

If you missed the documentary screenings in Vancouver back in August last year (they were quickly sold out), now you have a chance to have it on your iPod and your iTunes library.

helvetica on iTunes screencapture

helvetica on iTunes screencapture

Well… unfortunately just for US iTunes users as noted on the graphic link on their site.
Sigh, wasn’t Helvetica screened internationally?

Will they make the digital download available in iTunes in all countries?
Just like the iPhone, looks like us Canadians have to wait.

Cable and earbud management
July 15, 2008, 12:00 pm
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The Youtube example showcased tying earbuds around the first gen of the iPod shuffle.  I tried it myself, and it’s a practical saver.

Finally I can avoid those embarrassing moments of taking forever to untangle my iPod earbuds while trying to stay balanced on the bus.

At home I don’t have as many hard-drives as the large amount at work.
Under my desk at work, I’ve accidentally knocked out my internet connection because the hub is loosely sitting on the floor….

While I’m figuring out which cheap “cable-management” system I should implement in the office, in the meanwhile check out ways you can de-clutter your cables in your workspace.


Haaa haaaa Vista!
July 10, 2008, 12:55 pm
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Last night I was digressed a little bit away from my Apple-Blu-Ray problem research as I wandered over to the recent ads on Apple’s site.

Aw, poor Vista.

Even funnier news-

“Intel, the giant chip maker and longtime partner of Microsoft, has decided against upgrading the computers of its own 80,000 employees to Microsoft’s Vista operating system, a person with direct knowledge of the company’s plans said.”

See full article here on BITS blog of the New York Times >

Blu-Ray + Digital Copies?
June 25, 2008, 5:01 pm
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Okay, so I’m a bit down on the ‘revised’ Digital Copyright Act for Canada.
Downloading= illegal?

Can someone send me some links about this revision?

Anyways, looking towards other alternatives to legal downloads or aquirement of digital assets and entertainment, I smiled as I was reading a recent post on Terry White’s blog about Blu-Ray and Digital Copy.

Technically, ripping DVDs to a portable media player’s format is frowned upon.
I’m wondering about the popularity of this choice to have both copies of the movie in Hi-Def (Blue-Ray) format and standard def (especially for my iPod or portable DVD player that doesn’t play in Hi-Def).

I was looking for the availability of the DVD Terry White featured that offered both Blu-Ray and Standard Def format on Amazon.ca.


Yes, Amazon DOT C A.

Remembering the day that Steve Jobs announced that movies were to be available in iTunes, I quickly was dismayed as I reinstalled my iTunes and found that movies were only allowed to be offered in the States.

The Eye
Search result 1>
Hmmm, doesn’t look like the same image of the DVD cover on Terry White’s blog until I realized that it was just a Standard Def- DVD.

Search result 2>
Had to look under the Blu-Ray DVD section.
I looked through the text-details and found that there wasn’t an indication that this edition also offered a “Digital Copy”.  Only by the image with the “Digital Copy” sticker was how I was able to distinguish that the DVD offers a Digital Copy.

I’m hoping that really soon that movies can be searchable by formats.
Especially “Digital Copy” so I can have movies to watch while commuting to and from work.