Being my second time to Portland, and Douglas’ first time staying, we decided to take the Amtrak Cascades train on the way down to Collabofest and to explore more of the city this winter.

For our first direct train ride together, we boarded in Vancouver at 6:30AM on a lovely Saturday morning. Being so early, I napped in between while we rode from Vancouver to the American border for the first bit. It was nice to see the back areas by railroads of Metro Vancouver.

After reaching Bellingham, Washington, we flew through the many stops quickly until we arrived in Portland, Oregon a little past 3:00PM in the afternoon.


Douglas is pretty restless during commutes, so the train was spacious enough for us to walk around to stretch our legs. With the dining car, if you get in before Seattle (where the majority of passengers board the train), you can grab a roomy seat to have a snack and a sip while enjoying the scenic ride.


ae35d7af-0131-4f23-91fe-86a03b9ee066-756x1024We decided to take a cab from Union Station in the Northwest District to Jupiter Hotel across the Burnside Bridge in the Northeast District of Portland.


Upon arrival, we entered the lobby, which also doubled as an art gallery of beautiful quantum and cloudy paintings by Justin Auld.

c626f867-d3d0-4f6a-bcd2-8ff81bc93b42-1-1024x654It was a very popular, sold-out Saturday, so we had a drink inside the funky Doug Fir lounge. It felt like we were inside an eccentric establishment that was a cross between a Whistler cabin and a Tiki Lounge.

PC: Doug Fir Lounge

When our room was ready, we walked over to our room at the edge of the hotel. We walked by many funky drawings by guests on the chalkboard doors and through forests of bamboo trees and guest cars.

img_5892-1024x756Our room was very spacious, with clean white walls with a bamboo themed accent wall. I like the alternative details they added for our stay, like earplugs, eco-friendly toiletries and Jupiter Hotel themed condoms.

img_5239-1024x683Being a busy weekend, we were glad that they provided earplugs, as the Doug Fir Lounge is also very popular for concerts and late night fun outside the Doug Fir patio. As a fun, lively location that was very centralized, we were able to comfortably walk to and from many different places during our stay. I liked leaving creative messages on the chalkboard doors, chatting it up with friendly down-to-earth staff, and having my devices easily connected to smooth wi-fi.

img_5240-1024x683In the summer, Douglas and I would love to stay another night. Maybe by car, on our way to explore the rest of Oregon, with a pet, as they offer pet-friendly suites also. We were happy we tried the Amtrak Cascades train ride together for the scenic get-away. Due to the railroads being controlled by Canadian entities, we would take a bus next time to Bellingham or Seattle to then catch the train again down south to save some time.

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Thank you to the Jupiter Hotel and to Travel Portland to hosting our stay.