Here are our highlights from participating in the Brunch Crawl in Gastown, presented by Vancouver Foodster.

Douglas and I checked into Milano Coffee to pick up our passports in the morning. As we saw a lineup at Milano, we decided to head out to the next establishment to bypass crowds.

Darby’s Public House

We walked towards Hastings Street in Gastown to Darby’s. We ordered a pale ale from Parallel 49 while we waited for our brunch tasting plates.

Gastown Breakfast Wrap by Darby’s Gastown

We had a deliciously dressed green salad along with our Gastown Breakfast Wrap which featured Pico De Gallo, Scrambled Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Avocado with mixed Greens wrapped in a flour tortilla. Douglas liked how the tortilla wrap was perfectly toasted and crispy so it didn’t break apart as we took our bites. We also liked how moist the eggs were and found we didn’t feel too heavy afterwards.

ZeroZero Pizzeria

The candy store on the crawl was the closest stop to Darby’s on the map. Douglas suggested that before I give into my sweet-tooth cravings, to instead head to ZeroZero Pizzeria for a savory stop.


We were excited that we finally found a pizza place that had cauliflower for toppings. The tasting plates were hot, warm and crispy slices of Focaccia Mattina, Pizza Vegetale and Pizza con Chorizo.

Gastown-DO-Vanfoodster-0pizza-selection-1024x1024The Focaccia Mattina was Onion and Rosemary Focaccia rustica with eggs frittata, mozzarella, crispy bacon, sliced tomato and fresh basil. I enjoyed the Pizza Vegetale with Mozzarella, sliced beef tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and sundried tomatoes. Douglas admired the focaccia taster along with the Pizza con Chorizo featuring tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, red roasted peppers and onions. The red roasted peppers were great, and added a little kick to those who don’t eat as much spicy foods like Douglas.

We shared a can of Brio, which is known as “The Italian Cola”. I liked how it wasn’t too sweet or too bitter, which went along with the filling pizzas.

Wishing Treats

We basked in the winter weekend sun as we went to the next destination, Wishing Treats.

We were watching candy making demos of flavourful candy by Wishing Treats. Douglas and I were astounded to watch the high speed of candy cutting while they were passionately talking about the great detail they take in creating the latest new flavours.

Upon the shelves, we saw different examples of customized wedding and corporate candies with cute images or words, along with different flavour offerings like curry melon, sweet potato pie, or pineapple.


Very spacious and retro

The last time I was in Mexico was for a short visit to attend a wedding, so I’m not very familiar with the tastes of traditional Mexican food. Douglas adores authentic Mexican flavours as he had flown back and forth from the high-end resort town of Talum in the past years.

Mini Tulum with Orange and Jicama Salad

I love citrus in almost anything I eat and drink. I was surprised when Douglas said, “When we were in Mexico, it was like it was no choice… we squeezed lime on everything we ate and drank!.”

I downed their Mini Tulum, which featured orange juice, papaya and horchata shaken until frothy and dusted with cinnamon. This was the first time I had “fruit salad” that had tajin chili salt along with squeeze of lime.

Tostada of Cochinita Pibil, Molette Benny, and Fresh Guacamole

There were delicious doses of lime throughout the tasting plate. The Tostada of Cochinita Pibil was a crispy corn tortilla topped with juicy pibil stewed pulled pork topped with pickled red onions. The Molette Benny was a hard poached egg on a buttered baguette toast, with house refried black beans, pico de fallo, queso fresco and avocado green salsa.

Milano Coffee

To end off our crawl, we settled in for a chat with Angela and Brian from Living Produce Aisle over coffees. 

As we were reminiscing about how much Gastown has changed throughout the years, we were sipping on espressos and milk chocolate lattes.

The Cortado with Suave Ricco Blend espresso is one of three of Milano’s newest Gold Medal winning espressos at the International Institute of Tasters Awards in Italy. The “Winter Zest” was a citrus infused milk chocolate latte created for the Vancouver Foodster’s 2017 Coffee Drink Challenge. I loved how the latte was a good balance of sweet and citrus and how smooth the espresso was.

Thank you Vanfoodster for the opportunity to experience the Brunch Crawl in Gastown.

Next weekend, check out Living Produce among the other participating establishments during the Brunch Crawl in Yaletown for Dine Out Vancouver.