Services such as Enroot cater to the rising demand of working millennials who need quick, nutritious meals, and is currently servicing Strathcona, Mount Pleasant, Fairview, Cedar Cottage and Gastown with big plans for expansion in 2017.

Delivery by curbside

According to a recent study, millennials are spending more on food than ever before. On average, they spend 44 percent of their food dollars annually on eating out and food delivery services which have increased by 10.7 percent since 2010.

Triplet brothers and founders of Enroot, Chris, Simon and Michael, wanted to provide consumers with healthy on-the-go meal solutions. Enroot is currently the fastest meal delivery service in Canada, offering a range of fresh options from vegetarian inspired dishes to healthy comfort foods, depending on the season.

Our Experience with Enroot
During the busy new year we tried out Enroot’s meal delivery. While I was at our downtown office near Burrard and Georgia, I ordered a couple items from the evening menu around 6pm online. Within minutes, I received a confirmation text that the delivery car was 4 minutes away. As I was taking the elevator downstairs, I received another message to confirm that the car and meal arrived.

Lamb Meatballs


Chicken and Kale Salad



My favourite aspect about the Enroot Food Delivery service is the ability to order online or via the app, and skip waiting in line. I’m spoiled with Starbucks Mobile ordering for my coffee, and Enroot is very efficient with their warm and fresh meals.
The healthy and delicious offerings are great, especially if you’re like me, I like to order from “the fresh sheet” from establishments as much as possible. For those who like having the same offerings, currently Enroot may be a challenge as their menu changes daily.

Here’s Q&A with Enroot Food Delivery

Is there a reason why delivery is done at curbside instead of drop off at reception or door?
Curbside deliveries are done to increase efficiency. Within the delivery zone, deliveries are usually made within 15 minutes, which is the fastest for any delivery service in the city.

When your food is four minutes away, Enroot drivers will send you an alert (via text message notification) to let you know that its time to meet them outside. This helps to streamline getting your meal to your table lickety split.

Why can’t we pre-order a day ahead? In case we see a meal we want and we want to order it again or plan ahead?
Pre-ordering is on the docket for 2017, so keep your eyes peeled! That being said, Enroot has a fantastic chef who changes the menu daily based on locally available seasonal ingredients, so you’ll be able find new favourites all the time. Menus are posted the night before they’re live if you want to check them out.

What counts as a “large order”? What would the time frame for delivery be, as a single order can be delivered within 30 minutes?
Orders of over 10 dishes are considered large and can be pre-ordered through an account manager at

Enroot is launching a Enterprise Platform in February that hungry professionals can utilize order on-line for their team including a selection of sides, desserts, snack & add-ons.

With expanding delivery zones, can there be separate maps that show from what time to what time that delivery is available? Friends in the Westend and Yaletown would like to know when they can order from enroot?
The current delivery zone covers Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant, Fairview, Cedar Cottage, Gastown and Strathcona neighborhoods, neighbourhoods that are close in proximity to our production kitchen by Olympic Village. The lunch service runs from 11:00 am – 2:30pm, and the dinner service runs from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Enroot will be expanding in the coming months to Yaletown with plans to expand to the rest of Downtown, Kitsilano and UBC by the end of the year. Each of those locations are set to run on the same hours.

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In summary, if you love to roll in constantly fresh changes and want your meals to match your status updates, Enroot may be the “route” for you.

Thanks again to Enroot for sending us meals to try out.