We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Anyone else also scrambling to handle challenges of the new year on top of commuting through the unusually frozen West Coast weather, along with family and financial obligations?

Professional counselors Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish in their latest book, The Essence of Resilience, guides readers through finding the resilience to cope with stress.  Here is a brief interview about the book and about the importance of building resilience.

Author Interview
1. What inspired you to write this book?
We were inspired by the courage and openness of the individuals we have worked with in the area of trauma recovery.

2. Why is resilience such an important component of trauma recovery?
Resilience is a crucial aspect of trauma recovery as it provides individuals with an anchor to hold onto in the midst of the storm. Resilience is that ability to return to original form after being stretched. Trauma not only stretches us, but it shatters us sometimes, too. Recognizing and embracing resilience provides individuals with the opportunity to recover those parts of themselves that they might believe were lost.

3. Is everyone resilient, or is it an inherited trait that pertains to only a few?
Everyone possesses the capacity for resilience, but not everyone will embrace this potential. We believe that individuals are born with certain traits of resilience but we also recognize that resilience can be developed and nurtured.

4. Are the characters in your stories real or fictional?
The characters in our stories are inspired by individuals that we have known; however, significant elements of their story and identity have been changed to protect and honor confidentiality.

5. Are there elements of your own life experiences in this book?
This book reflects some of our own perspectives and ideas about trauma recovery. In addition, there are parts of this book that are incredibly personal to us and allow us to share aspects of our own story in the pages of this book.