Happy holidays! We were invited to ONYX Aesthetics in Gastown to preview the CND New Waves collection launching for Spring 2017. High octane and retro futurist, plan to pop-out in any crowd with these beautiful bright selections.

Both the Vinylux (7 day+) and Shellac (14 day+) collections feature the following colours in the New Wave collection: Banana Clips (Yellow), Blue Eyeshadow (Blue), Ecstasy (Pink), Jelly Bracelet (Orange), Pink Leggings (Pink), and Video Violet (Purple).

I may channel KPOP star Hyuna’s Bubble Pop music video with these colourful nails this weekend.


Well, maybe with my dance moves and a few drinks… it might be more like Family Guy’s version…  Candy Quahog Marshmallow … channeling their bright 80’s inspired outfits.


I can’t wait for my next shellac mani. I may go for emojis with the Banana Clips shade. Thanks again to the CND and Onyx Aesthetics team for the new collection preview experience!