The Christmas Queen is back with the Vancouver Theatre Sports League this holiday season. This year, she was in tow with many holiday characters, for a very romantic Bachelorette Edition. Here are our highlights of our favourite moments from attending opening night on Granville Island.


Douglas and I were thinking back about how fun it was when we attended the TRUMP card themed improv opening night as we waited for the doors to open. Sitting close to the stage at the last show was fun, and we realized it was going to be an extra-special night as we sat front-row centre at table four. “Yumi, let’s see how many times I’ll get picked on tonight since I tend to be a magnet for those things every time I sit this close to any stage.”


The show started with the Bacherlorette-like reality show intro with the Christmas Queen having a romantic moment with Santa Claus. I wish I brought rose petals to throw onstage during these cute moments.

We laughed as the queen of mean tore up and poked fun at the other players onstage. The stage manager and Buttons, host-elf, were running around stage as the Christmas Queen charmed the first round of Bachelorette contestants.


The opening night’s contestants included the dopey, yet lovable Frosty-the-Snowman, Santa Claus, the slick and smooth-talking Elf on a Shelf and Owen Wilson. On other nights, there may be other holiday characters like Jack Frost, Scrooge, the Grinch and other Christmas story characters.

I loved how the Christmas Queen was super cheeky throughout the Bachlerotte show themed-segments like the one-on-one dates, contestants mingling together, the rose ceremonies and visiting the parents. My favourite character throughout the night, in addition to the Christmas Queen, was Elf on a Shelf with his hilarious puns. I had to make an extra effort not to spill my beer over creepy compliments and and punny pick-up lines in his German accent.

If you’re looking for a very interactive memorable experience, go for sitting in the front row at any VTSL show. Lauren and Chris, from, and I were constantly howling as Buttons persistently came up to Douglas to make sure he understood a lot of the jokes. If you happen to compete against Douglas in an upcoming starring contestant, all I can do is wish you good luck because he can keep such a stoic straight face for what will feel like forever.

For opening night, the winning suitor ended up being Santa Claus. Of course being unpredictable improv, you will never know who the winning suitor will be of any future Bachelorette night with the Christmas Queen.

Thanks again to the VTSL for inviting us to opening night and having us being part of an immersive experience. Happy Holidays!