Have you done most of your holiday shopping this season? I’ve personally gathered the majority of my ingredients and materials to DIY most of my gifts to my friends so far. It’s been a few gloomy and grey snow days here on the wet coast. Why not try “brightening someone’s day” with these light bulb ideas?

We may not think about updating light bulbs when they think of affordable, DIY projects for the home this fall, however GE reveal® bulbs provide exceptional clarity that will shine a new light on every room in the home.

GE reveal light bulbs use advanced technology to make colors pop and details emerge, providing vivid clarity throughout the home. The reveal light bulbs provide exceptionally clean, instantly bright, dimmable light in any room of the home, which is perfect for applying makeup, cooking a meal, reading, crafting, completing a DIY project or picking out the perfect outfit.

Here are some DIY Gift Ideas with GE reveal bulbs found around the bloggersphere.

DIY Lightbox
For the Instagrammers and shutterbugs, why not a DIY lightbox? (via Gracie Carroll)

PC: Gracie Carroll

DIY Shadow Art
Maybe go for a secret message that’s revealed when the lights are on? Try a DIY Shadow via Mandy of Vintage Revivals.


Watch the video >

DIY Revealing Lampshades

Remember those invisible ink pens? Why not do a lighting version like via PinkStripeySocks?

lampshade-silhouettes-1Thanks again to GE for sending our team a variety of GE reveal bulbs to test out. Our homes have been brightened up as we’re going through our “snowcouver”.