We were invited to preview this year’s Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge. My marketing design students joined along for the preview to experience their first visit to Canyon Lights. Here are our highlights of the annual holiday experience.

We started with visiting the Cliffwalk first.

Carolina: “Wow, the way they lit the water below us is so beautiful!”
Paola: “There were times I didn’t want to look down for long. I’m afraid of heights.”

PC: Raphael Regis

Raphael: “After walking through, I thought that was the main attraction. It was so amazing.”

Next we ventured over to the long windy main attraction, the suspension bridge.

PC – Jorge Hing

Jorge: “The long and magnificent illuminated suspension bridge which was swinging from side to side as we were crossing it.” 

PC: Paola Berto

Paola: “The lights were so beautiful. We thought Filipe kept swinging the bridge. With all the people on it, we kept giggling as we walked across to the other side.”

PC: Paola Berto

Paula: “I liked learning about the many trees and animals in the different areas around the park.”


Jorge: “I like the lake with with dozens of mesmerizing floating stars. It was a great spot to take great pictures.”

Warming up under the glow of the large tent

Carol and Filipe: “We loved playing with the fireflies exhibit. The way we got to illuminate parts of the forest was very beautiful.”

Raphael: “And of course having hot chocolate and cookies!”

Along with hot chocolate and cookies (PC: Raphael Regis)

Thank you so much to the team at Capilano Suspension Bridge for the wonderful holiday experience!

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