Did you know that Canada will be turning 150 years old next year? As part of the countdown to celebrate our 150th Canadian anniversary, Margaret Trudeau took the stage at WE Day Vancouver to share her story.

“I was married to Pierre Trudeau,  Justin (Trudeau’s) father … The gift he gave our country *while he was prime minister) was the Charter of Rights and Freedoms… which made us the freest people in the world. We have rights… with that freedom comes with great responsibility because we have to make good choices. We have to make the right choices.”

She shared with the WE Day crowd her personal experience of the extreme highs and lows she went through with bi-polar disorder over many years. She shared that after she came to terms, accepting that she had a mental illness,”I have the best life because I learned about balance. I learned about taking my emotions and being mindful of them… recognizing them for what they are but not necessarily acting on every whim.”

She encouraged those who may feel very down to seek out help through family, to not face their battles on their own. Her antidote to those down moments was to choose to focus on an outer purpose than can include helping others to make a difference. The crowd cheered as she shared about her trips to villages in Africa to help install systems for clean water.

“Have a purpose… but first, please take of your brain health. Have a healthy mind and have a great mind!”