I wonder if there were other educators in the crowd that also thought that Lorne Segal, chair of WE Day, reminded them of JFK in the way his deep voice addressed the crowd during WE Day Vancouver this November. There were many leadership nuggets that inspired the WE Day crowd from philanthropist and entrepreneur, Lorne Segal.

“It can’t be done! The four most destructive words in the English Language…” Lorne exclaimed as he shared that he push-back he faced twenty years ago for his vision of 20,000 people to come together to celebrate to changes for a better world.

 “So where do you get the energy to make your dream come true? Where do you find the stamina to persevere, to hang on during difficult times, especially when those around you are telling you it can’t be done?”

“Passion absolutely energizes your dream.
It lights a fire in you, which will make you do things that others wouldn’t do.”

“The secret to will-power is want-power. If you want something bad enough, you’ll have the will to get it. And if you persevere and fight for your dream, that dream will be sweeter than you could have imagined… because you didn’t take a short-cut, you didn’t give up, you didn’t give in…The longest distance between two points is a short-cut. “

“As leaders, you know there will be times when you make a decision that will be criticized when you lead in a way that won’t always be understood… you’ll have to be courageous…”

“When you’re in the minority, and everyone is against you and telling you that it can’t be done, you’ll need to have peace with who you are. You’ll have to have courage in the decisions you make, and you’ll need to be true to yourself… As a leader if you wouldn’t follow yourself, why should anyone else? Courage gives you the ability to follow yourself.”

“Decide now, that you’ll lead a life filled with passion. If your dreams don’t scare you… they’re not big enough”.