ChristyClark-WEday2016-quote-1024x730.jpgAs one of the speakers to kick-off WE Day Vancouver, Christy Clark took the stage with the following inspiring words to the 18,000 students and educators in Rogers Arena.

She started by asking the crowd to cheer as she listed off the many BC cities of We Day attendees. Do you remember which national hero was from Port Coquitlam?

She asked: “Do you why he’s a Canadian hero? It’s not just because he did something great…”

“It was because he was ordinary. And he did something extraordinary.”

She challenged everyone in the audience, “If you’re reflecting on what kind of change you are going to make in the world, think about Terry Fox. Think about how ordinary you are. How you’re just an average British Columbian, from an average family, in an average place. Just an ordinary person…

… And you are capable of doing something absolutely extraordinary. Terry Fox did it. He ran a marathon everyday on one leg, and he was just a kid from Port Coquitlam. And he didn’t do it because he thought he wanted to be great, he did it because he understood the message of We Day…

… Every single one of us, by making some small change, by even trying to make a difference to even one person, can do something very extraordinary…”

Christy Clark pumped up the stadium, “Are you ready to change the world? Are you ready to do it?” with the crowd cheering.

“Everyone has the power to do it. I believe in you. And you should believe in you, too.”