Craig and Marc Kielburger kicked off We Day in Vancouver at Rogers Arena in November.

“At the heart of this movement, there’s a powerful belief… I am WE. In a world so often divided, those words means we stand together… We stand together in the belief that we are the force for goodness. We stand together against all the -isms that divide us because I am WE.”

What local and global cause do you want to bring change to?
Locally and Nationally, I want every Canadian to be financially literate by disrupting the status-quo of the financial industry so families can dream again. Globally, I want all barriers for women to be removed so they can complete their education so they be empowered and equipped to grow themselves, their family, and their community.

I always thought WE Day was to celebrate the positive impact that students and educators of elementary schools and secondary schools made through the We Schools programming. No matter what age or location, there’s always an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Live WE at School

Classrooms are transformed with experiential service-learning. Teachers are inspired and students are motivated to be change-makers for life.  

Live WE at Home

Build stronger family bonds and a greater connection to others. Explore ways that families can Live WE at Home every day.

Live WE at Work

Strengthen employee engagement and develop a strong sense of community within your company. Explore ways to inspire teams to Live WE at Work.

Live WE for Me

Often times when I’m chatting with small business owners or entrepreneurs, sometimes they share their struggles and challenges they face on their own. Another perspective is to see that every small act always leads up to a large impact. Who else do you really know who would be there at the end of the day? Maybe Me, Myself and I?

To Live WE for Me is to believe that one person can change the world. We all have unique gifts to give, and when bonded together we build a movement that’s diverse and exciting.