It’s Monday October 17th, and it’s “Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day!”.

March, April and May have long been associated with “Spring Cleaning,” and most small business take advantage of the early warm months to tidy up around their office or organize their work vehicle (ever seen the inside of a contractor’s truck?).  Unfortunately, too many small businesses don’t consider or think of spring cleaning a vital aspect of their business that they use every day – their virtual desktop.

Initially it may be quicker to hit “Save to Desktop,” but soon enough, you’ll be wasting time searching through a cluttered mess of business docs, excel spreadsheets, job site photos, and more to find that one document you half completed a month ago. That’s why small businesses need to take advantage of “Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” on Monday, October 17th.

To help small businesses clean and organize their desktops and digital space in general, Jen Cohen Crompton, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Neat Company, has a few tips:

  • Go through each file on your desktop and delete any and all files that are no longer needed. Don’t let your desktop get clogged up with documents you might need down the road. Instead;
  • Use a cloud storage system for tax and other time-sensitive documents that you may want to hold onto for longer than a week or two
  • Create a streamlined file structure and saving process that allows you to quickly save documents in a location that makes sense and is easy to find
  • Add folders to your email, and as soon as you receive a new email, drop and drag it to the correct folder for an organized inbox
  • Consider deleting all icons on your desktops. Between the Mac’s “dock” and the Window’s “task bar,” there is really no need to have anything at all on your desktop except for some nice beach wallpaper to remind you of simpler times