People usually ask me how was I able to transition so easily from one industry to another, like from media production to marketing to education to finance. Personally, one of my motivators is to teach and share knowledge. I’m motivated by that spark in the eyes of a client, team member or student that appears when I’ve successfully taught an idea or concept through relatable and applicable stories.

In my earlier years of teaching and training, I have had my moments of frustration when I’m trying to encourage more ladies to take more initiative in learning about subjects like leadership and personal finance. Worldwide, did you know that two in three adults are financially illiterate, and there’s a five-point gap in financial literacy between men and women (Source: Gallup).

Two out of three… with women behind on five points. Is that something that’s okay to accept? There needs to be a change in this stat.

Leading the financial literacy disruption for women is Kim Scouller. Here are highlights from her talk during Green Carpet Day 2016.

Women are living longer, and also taking care of families longer… thus need more financial information



Three goals of the Only Blue Skies initiative: “Let’s change financial literacy for women… Let’s help women better prepare for their future… Let’s help them better protect their families… Bring more women into the financial services industry (like what happened in the real estate industry)…”


Help bridge the gap between today and what she wants

Starting with the basics before financial concepts


  • Cash Flow: What’s coming in?
  • Debt: What’s going out?
  • Proper Protection: Is my family properly protected? Will my son be taken care of if something happens to me? If I get sick, will my son have to drop out of school to take care of me or because he can’t afford to go to school anymore? Who will take care of my family if I can’t?
  • Asset Accumulation: Building my wealth for my future goals like college, retirement, dream vacation, dream wedding…?
  • Emergency Fund: If this is not in place, it can throw everything out of whack. Perhaps digging into more debt or borrowing from asset accumulation…
  • Estate Preservation: Are you doing smart things with respect to taxes? Does your family know what to do with the assets you leave behind like property or investments?

Options to consider


What you do today can change all the tomorrows of your life. – Zig Ziglar