Today, October 11th is International Day of the Girl.

As I was sharing the latest updates in my relationships and business during Thanksgiving Dinner, my mom beamed… “Aha, did my Super-financial-teacher-Woman may have found her SuperMan?”

I’m so thankful for the many opportunities of teaching and learning I share on a daily basis. Especially seeing my mother go from zealot of enforcing traditional Asian values to encouraging my sister and I towards more progressive ideas. Though there are times where my mom and I clash in thinking about ideals on how to be the “ideal woman” in North America or in Asia, there is always mutual understanding in leading, growing and bettering oneself.

Millions of girls still bear the brunt of poverty, are denied an education, forced into marriage and subjected to violence because they are young and female. For too long, many girls have been invisible. 

To mark the 5th International Day of the Girl, girls around the world are not waiting for anyone’s permission to lead. Across the country, a diverse group of remarkable Canadian girls will fill high profile decision-making seats, including those of political, education and business leaders, to illustrate every girl’s right to equal opportunities.

Plan International Canada, the team behind the groundbreaking Because I am a Girl movement, is fueling this groundswell of girls who are declaring that #girlsbelonghere in these seats in Canada and globally.

Girls and women belong in the seats of classrooms, boardrooms, senates, courtrooms, press rooms and corner offices. They belong on the playing field, in the film director’s chair and in laboratories. #GirlsBelongHere and everywhere else where decisions are made.

So how will you empower young women to take a step toward leadership?

See other ideas on how to get involved with #GirlsBelongHere and Plan International.