We were invited to preview the new line-up at Vancouver Theatre Sports late September during opening night. Here is a summary of my favourite, memorable improv moments from that night.

Before entering the theatre, I had an image of Hilary Clinton, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump behind podiums onstage for debates, like The Debaters with Steve Patterson on CBC.

To our delight, we were greeted with a stage that looked like a set from a news studio. The audience was greeted with warm-up improv games related to a look back at 2016. I stifled my laugh when Douglas whispered, “Don’t the anchors remind you of the Muppets, Walter and Statler?” My favourite audience suggestion that the troop ran with was when someone shouted, “Celebration of International Selfie Day.”Trump-Card2VTSL

The actors who played Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were a riot. You may want to bring a stack of some dollar bills if you want to “make it rain” for moments of topless “Justin Trudeau.”


After the intermission, the troop asked the audience to donate a cell phone for the next improv game. It was so funny to see them use random text messages found on the phone, especially with the ones that were written in German.

TRUMP CARD runs Thursday to Saturday at 7:30 pm until November 19th.