Here are our favourite quotes from Lauren Fairey speaking about Millenials and our money at Green Carpet Day this September 2016.

On and connected for on average a mind-blowing 18 bours a day…
Besides the Baby-boomers, the Millienials just as big
Education and Literacy is key.

Post-secondary education can provide the foundation to excel in our career pursuits. It’s exciting for graduates to experience earning their first pay cheques. However the common issue is that not many of these graduates are shown what to do with their money for savings, for taxes, for investing and insurance.

And also who knows if there will be government help available when we retire… With generations and generations of lifespan expansion, the children of Millenials are expected to live to 120 years old.  Can any country’s social security be able to support its ever long-living citizens?

Redefining the stereotype of Financial Professionals
Be succinct in sharing

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