During our WealthWave business trips, our office knows to always count on Justin Yap to find the best of the best eats with every city we visit. To commemorate our first WealthWave VIP Green Carpet Day this September, our team gathered for the best fried chicken in Atlanta at The Busy Bee Cafe.

Yummy cornbread

It’s a very packed intimate space that makes you feel like you’re in a cozy diner. Justin and about a dozen of us made our way before the lunch rush.

For us Canadians who miss sweetened iced tea when visiting the South, order the Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmers are half iced tea and lemonade, so it’s a great not-so-sweet thirst quencher on those hot days.


Thanks so much for taking care of us Busy Bee Cafe! And thanks to Diana for sharing her amazing photos during our trip in Atlanta.