Over a belated birthday brunch at Jam Cafe, I was catching up with my friends from out-of-town. I was excited to share about my feelings about entering a new decade, about our upcoming trip near Atlanta, Georgia to visit the WealthWave Headquarters later this month, and other exciting things to look forward to.

Why I adore this medical-tech pair so much is because we all  value great food experiences, continuous learning, and helping people in our lives and in our careers. After sharing with each other of what challenges, unknowns, and exciting things that we are facing, it reminded me of this book on my shelf: Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life.

So often we focus on the mundane or day-to-day tasks. We obsess over our worries at work and home and of the possessions we believe will make us happy. We dwell on resentments and on the people, coworkers, clients and things that frustrate or anger us. We are often consumed by pettiness and completely miss what a magnificent day lies ahead of us. We view ourselves as the center of the universe – referred to as perception disorder – and unfortunately, this is normal human nature for many of us. We all need guidance to develop the tools to appreciate our gifts, and ultimately lead a finding our higher perspective, power and purpose.
Enter: Charles G. Hanna, highly successful Canadian CEO (Brains II), philanthropist, recovering addict and author of Higher. As a young man, Charles emigrated from Egypt to Canada where he got an education and followed his dreams. From one perspective, his life was perfect—his family grew, his businesses flourished—and yet his doubt and drug addiction quietly destroyed him. It wasn’t until Charles finally hit rock bottom that he discovered the tools to achieve true personal freedom and happiness; what he calls a ‘Higher Life.’ Through his firsthand experience and his understanding of human nature, neuroscience, and life management, Charles, for the first time, is revealing his practical and achievable techniques, tips and tools so that everyone can apply the Higher way to their daily routines, their career and their dreams.

Here are my favourite quotes from the book:

Connect with Charles on www.charleshannahigher.com.