Here are highlights from Christina Martinez’s talk at Dream On this August 2016.

No matter what challenges we face in life, there will always be someone out there who has gone through it before you. We can choose to figure out how to face it alone, or bond together to form solutions.

Watch Christina share her story at the 2015 Convention

The first time I saw Christina Martinez speak was onstage during the RISE Convention in 2015 in Las Vegas. She shared her incredible story about her fight with breast cancer and her journey with her husband and daughter while fighting for the future of others with financial education. I admire her for her tenacity, authenticity, and how she can weave sarcasm to lighten situations.


Six Things that draw people to the WealthWave Business Opportunity: Credibility, Compensation, Recognition, Charitable Contributions, Significance, and the Crusade.


She reminded us, like a good teacher, to always share and not be selfish by withholding information that may provide value to someone else.

Other notes

  • Be understanding and forgiving when people say no. They have the right to say no.
  • Be a Better Crusader for Information and Education
    • Be prepared on how to show others through your actions, be ready to help others
  • Daily Reflections
    • Reflect on your daily actions and ask yourself if you’re reading better and good things
    • Ask yourself if you’re conscious on how you start your day. Are you looking forward to new opportunities to learn?
    • Are you choosing to go to bed with gratitude and reflecting on the positive things in your life?
    • Are you being mindful and choosing to embrace the moment, whether positive or negative?
  • Remember to not do everything yourself, or else it will over-complicate things
    • You need to be resourceful
    • Learn about what you do well, what you don’t do well
    • Give people an idea, linked to their strengths, that anything is possible
    • Don’t forget to introduce everyone, don’t do everything by yourself
  • Take a look at what you’re reading. Are you reading good books to grow your mindset?
  • We forget that just because we try something once, doesn’t mean that’s it. Just like learning to walk, it takes practice and time.
  • There’s always a way to do something, so find a way
  • Be bite-sized in your actions, as altogether it will compound into big actions
  • Going through challenges in life, remember these challenges are in our lives so in the future we can help someone with similar challenges you have faced