Here highlights on our afternoon leadership training with Andy Horner speaking via live-stream at our Dream On event this August 2016.

Justin started our afternoon session off by giving a warm welcome to the crowd, inviting us to step into greatness. The crowd roared in laughter as we were scrambling to debug technical issues at our launch event for our guest speaker, Andy Horner via live stream.

It was hilarious to see the bewildered looks on our audience’s faces as Andy started sharing his Q-tip story. Through this story, he reminded us that we tend to let fear hold us back from accomplishing the things we want.

  • It always starts with WHY, then WHEN & WHAT, then HOW. With a very strong WHY, we can withstand any pain.
  • However, the 3 great enemies to our WHYs can be Fears, Distractions and People that don’t belong in our lives
    • Fears: We need to identify them and figure out how to overcome them. Without knowing what our fears are, we will let them hold ourselves back.
    • Distractions: Andy loves writing Children’s Books. As CEO of Outstand and Creative Director of WealthWave, he has chosen to pause his hobby in order to focus on growing the movement of financial literacy in North America.
    • People in Our Lives: There are people in our lives that do not belong on our journey. Be respectful and filter those who are obstacles and who are supporters on your journey.

So how can we remove these enemies to our WHYs? Let’s start with establishing New Beliefs.
The first step is to understand and believe that Success is a long, life-time journey.

With every rejection and no, take on the perspective of seeing them as learning opportunities and accept that it is just a part of the process.
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always keep going.

In our minds, we determine and understand what is possible. So ask yourself what is possible? How are you starting out your day? Are you starting with positive or negative thoughts? As Napoleon Hill is always quoted, “You become what you think about.”

We learned about why it’s rare that we can say the right thing at the right time to the right people through his elevator story. With evolving opportunities and technologies, we can use these tools to streamline how we share messaging consistently. We believe that it’s about Sharing, not Selling.

As tempted as I get with showing numbers to people, at the end the of day, stories are most memorable. In hand with stories, our decision making is truly driven by our emotions.

My eyes welled up as Andy shared his personal story about his mother. It reminded me of one of the reasons why the WealthWave mission and vision is so important to me, because of my belief of the past, present and future. Though we cannot change what happened in the past, I believe we have the choice on how we can live in the moment and build for a prosperous future. Perhaps what we go through in our lives like challenges, victories and obstacles, we are meant to experience these moments for a lifetime and we can choose to share and help others.

To end off, we all laughed as he shared a series of photos of kiddie-pools, illustrating when our WHYs our big enough, we will need a bigger pool.  Remember, the only thing holding you back is you.

As inspired by a dear succession-planning colleague, knowledge becomes true knowledge when applied.
It’s time to go Learn, Think, Apply.