From August 9 to September 5, CF shopping centres across the country will activate a colourful interactive pledge-wall where participants will be able to connect and learn more about five causes: Education, Health, Hunger, Environment and Shelter. Visitors who take part in the pledge-wall experience will have the opportunity to take the WE Pledge, joining a movement of caring and compassionate people, coming together to pledge their commitment to live WE. Along with taking the WE Pledge, visitors will have an opportunity to take a selfie in front of the cause of their choice, and share their commitment to change on social media with the campaign hashtag #WhoWillYouBe. Participants who use the hashtag and tag their local CF shopping centre will be eligible to receive a limited edition enamel pin aligned to the cause they pledged to support. By taking the pledge and wearing their pin, visitors commit to learn more about the cause of their choice and become part of the WE Movement and make a difference in their communities and around the world.

“We are excited about the We stand with WE campaign as it embodies what the WE Movement is all about,” said Craig Kielburger, co-founder of WE. “Today’s youth are a generation that are tech savvy and engaged in social and digital platforms. The interactive pledge walls are a fun, creative and natural way to engage and inspire youth in our communities to advocate for change by connecting with causes that matter to them. We encourage all Canadian youth to proudly take the pledge and wear their pins to show their commitment to change.”

Visiting Pacific Centre

My design students and I this week were working on shooting selfies and portraits of each other for our photowalk this week. As we were too early before the official setup of the selfie pledge-walls, we did our portraits and pledges against the #WhoWillYouBe window graphics on the iconic rotunda of Pacific Centre.


Luana pledging for Shelter



Moby pledging for Shelter


Join the pledge and learn more at #WhoWillYouBe.