On August 12, Innovation Crunch will host its second Meetup and launch its first innovation training and networking experience, the August Crunch.

The August Crunch will officially open with a panel with 4 entrepreneurs who have been innovating successfully outside of their home countries. They will talk about the challenges and benefits of getting out of the comfort zone and exploring the world while moving forward with their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Then, starting on Monday, August 15, paying participants will have the chance to engage in a 2 week long immersive innovation training and networking experience. The program is divided in two sections:

Week 1 – Innovation training: $600.00CAD (August 15th – August 19th)
This is a one week hands-on workshop with a systematic approach to innovation where you will be trained in design thinking and scenario-focused engineering. Participating teams will work on the creation of an innovation project in the form of a proof of concept/prototype for a new product, service or experience. Here is what you will learn:

Introduction to Design Thinking and Human Centered Design: Introductory session explaining basic definitions and theory of both methodologies
Online Search & Research Techniques: Overview of online research techniques
Essential Innovation Techniques: Introduction to basic problem definition and value mapping
Discovery: Session exploring innovation and growth opportunities
Interpretation: Collation of information and identification of opportunities
Ideation: Systematic brainstorming techniques to produce and refine ideas
Experimentation: Module exploring techniques of prototyping
Presentation: Capacity building to communicate and craft a compelling story

Week 2 – Innovation tour: $200.00CAD (August 22nd – August 28th)
You will explore the Vancouver startup ecosystem in a tour of education and networking. The whole experience will include:

Envisioning Labs: Innovation Principles
Microsoft: Technology workshop
University of Bristish Columbia-CIRS: Sustainable Building Technology Incubator Program – Visit and Tour
BrainStation: Introduction to User Experience Design
Spring University: Creating an Empowering Workplace Culture that Drives Performance
MakerLabs: Innovation Tour
ProtoHack: Code-free Hackathon

Learn more about the Innovation Crunch initiatives on their website.

Photos from the Meetup Event at Microsoft in Downtown Vancouver: