It’s the middle of summer, which means there are more and more opportunities for road-trips and spending time outside. To make the time from Point A to Point B go faster, why not turn conversations into a game?

Personalogy™ evolved into series of specialty games that are used in a wide variety of circumstances as a social catalyst, relationship builder, culture connector and conversation starter. Here’s insight from the creators on how it got started.

  1. Did you come up with all the questions? And how?

Yes, the majority. We thought about what would stimulate a fun conversation or what’s in the news or latest in pop culture. We’ve also asked friends or people we’ve played with to give us suggestions.

  1. What motivated you to create this game?

We noticed people were spending more time interacting with their phones than with each other. So we wanted to find a way to get people to put their phones down and have a face-to-face conversation like in the good ol’ days :-) and a game format seemed like a good idea.

  1. Do people like the cards? Have you had any unusual feedback?

Men have asked us to make the cards small enough to put in their wallet so they can use on dates.

  • Why is the box so small?

We made the box travel sized to make it convenient for people to take it with them while going out to dinner or to a friends or on a trip. It’s designed to be small enough to fit into a purse, back pack or glove box.

  1. Did you play-test it?

We took it with us everywhere and played in restaurants, cafes, bars, on trains, planes and at our friend’s homes. When we played in public, people would come up and ask what we were playing and typically joined in especially the men. We found from them, that it made it easy for them to approach us. We discovered it was a great man-magnet! And it even led to a few dates!

  1. Ten years is a long time. What kept you going?

It was the people we played with and their continuous positive response that kept us going. We would always hear “this is such a fun game!” And, “where can we buy it?” A perfect conversation connector, relationship builder, Ice breaker that kept us moving forward. Family and friends really supported us….in fact, they were our greatest champions…Michelle’s Dad kept saying go for it, we can do it, and so he bought a whole lot of games to give as gifts and we’ve been working at marketing ever since.

Playing Personalogy during a Field Trip Commute
During our theme of “Change”, I took our small class of Business students by bus from downtown Vancouver to the Capilano Hatchery. Because it was going to be about at 45 minute commute, I brought out a box of Personalogy cards.
We chuckled over our guesses of each other’s answers and cheered when we got a point for guessing correctly. Because the bus was noisy sometimes, we often resorted to passing the card around to each other, then saying our guesses aloud.

With Personalogy, time went by fast on our way to North Vancouver. It gave us more time to learn about each other, as sometimes coming up with topics and insightful to talk about can be a challenge.

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