We were invited to check out E.B.O Restaurant over in the Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre last Friday. Chef Executive Keith Pears and the team put together an amazing 8 course menu tasting experience featuring both new-to-the-menu and traditional popular dishes. For the fellow Food-Network fanboys and girls, you may have seen Executive Chef Keith Pears competing on Season 3 of the show, Chopped Canada .

Here’s our recap of our intimate and fun-filled night.
Cocktail Hour

While waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, the general manager Rosy started off with e.b.o’s signature cocktail, The Cheater’s Bramble. It was a refreshing concoction featuring cassis and gin. (Yum!)

Course 1: Yellowfin Tuna

After the rest of the guests arrived and settled in, we got started right away with the first course of Yellowfin Tuna.
A yuzu dashi broth was individually poured for each setting upon presentation in the beautiful arrangement of Avocado, Watermelon, Cucumber and Fava Bean. The cucumbers and watermelon were specially prepared using a compression technique, where the air and water were drawn out, for impactful flavours in compact portions.

Course 2: Heirloom Tomato Salad
We learned that this salad, along with many other refreshing dishes, will be featured on a new monthly fresh sheet starting in August.
Compressed Okanagan Peach, Stratacciatella, Serrano Ham,  Almond Praline, and balsamic gel embraced the Heirloom Tomato in this dish. I really liked how creamy the Stratacciatella was, and how the Almond Praline added a nice sweet and salty touch to the salad.

Along with courses 1 and 2, the wine pairing was the bright and crispy “Unleashed” Reisling by See Ya Later Ranch , BC.

Course 3: Beef Carpaccio

Executive Chef Keith Pears put a twist on the traditional carpaccio with different plating and ingredients. The mouthwatering beef was matched up with Triple Crunch Mustard, Horserash Aioli, House Pickles, and Reggiano Crackers.

The argula, along with many of the other herbs, are grown in the Delta Hotel’s garden in the back. The charming garden by Dynasty Resturant,  was started by a passionate gardener in the community who wanted to share.

At first I thought the black crackers were made of seaweed. I liked how sparkley the crackers were because of the tapioca.

Course 4: Local Salmon


Continuing with the theme of adding a twist to traditional menu items, the Local Salmon was surrounded by savoury softness. The Lemon Foam drenched the Salmon, sprinkled with Ikura and Pine Nuts.  I was delighted with how soft the Bacon and Manchego Gnocchi was.
Along with courses 3 and 4, they were paired with the Quails Gate Pinot Noir, BC. This red wine is known to overall be very light, with tones of plums and pepper.

Course 5: Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chop

The Lamb Chop was encompassed by Tabbouleh Salad, Smoked Yogurt, Pickled Mustard Seed, and Artichoke Barigoule. The lamb was very luscious in its moistness (so happy with really saucy-like food), and I was ready to take a little break.

While we were finishing our lamb dishes, we learned about the many nearby corporate offices like IBM, BMW, and the VPD like to have their set menus at E.B.O. Along with the flexibility to customize many aspects of a team dining experience, Rosy the general manager also shared about how accommodating the team can be during the holiday season.

Course 6: Intermezzo

When we first looked at the menu, some of us giggled at the thought of an “intermission” in the middle of the dining experience. I laughed when I learned that Intermezzo actually meant to be a Palette Cleanser. Executive Chef Keith Pears modified the intermezzo from the traditional sorbet to something that young adults can have a quick flashback to their childhood.

Lo and behold, the team arrived with these icy surprises of Champagne Freezies wrapped in black cloth napkins. Individually hand-crafted, these champagne icy treats for adults were a refreshing hit of citrus. Hopefully in the future, E.B.O will feature Freezie Flights with their other flavours like Mojito and Daiquiri.

Course 7: Chicken Duo

After the Inniskillin Cabernet Sauvignon was poured, the Chicken Duo arrived with Shaoxing Sauce, Crispy Chicken Skin, Chanterelle Mushrooms, and Carrot Puree. I made sounds like I was watching the fireworks when Truffle was freshly shaven onto my dish. I wrapped my glimmering soft chicken and crispy chicken skin with the carrot puree that was fluffy like mousse.

Course 8: Hazelnut Chocolate

To end off, the Hazelnut Chocolate arrived with Peanut Butter Powder, Caramalized White Chocolate Nitro, Raspberry and Kalamansi. I’m glad we took another brief break as we watched the cold air gently wisp from the White Chocolate Nitro that was just frozen in -180 degrees Celsius. Eating this was like having Ferrero Rocher, with soft textures paired up with the slight crunchiness of the peanut powder and tangyness of the sauce made of the popular Filipino fruit, Kalamansi.

Thank you to Executive Chef Keith Pears, Rosy and the team at E.B.O restaurant for the wonderful dining experience.
And thank you to Cassandra Anderton and Richard Wolak for arranging this.