I am in between Metropolis at Metrotown and Downtown a lot. However, I find myself wondering when will I be able to make time to pick up some fashion essentials like socks. So far, there are a variety of subscription services that Tim subscribes to that saves him a lot of time.

Here’s our interview with Foot Cardigan. They’re known to be a fun and quirky sock-subscription company that you may have seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Foot Cardigan recently launched a special line of sock designs called Mytropolis.

Why sock subscriptions? (Someone needs to explain to me this phenomenon of my guy friends who rave about their latest underwear and sock subscriptions!)

“How about why NOT sock subscriptions? Just kidding. Kind of. Largely by the time you’re going to the store to get socks, your old ones already have holes in them. Historically, they haven’t been the sexiest of purchases. Well, now you can just have amazing socks delivered right to you. So we give you something you need (socks) before you’re wearing nasty hole-filled socks. Oh, and because it’s a random pair every month, we add an additional fun element. Win/win/win.”

As a Vancouverite, we’re so honoured that we have customized socks for our city. How did Vancouver make the cut? (We’re usually left out of top city polls!)

“I think secretly we were hoping that someone in the Canadian government would see these and give us an all expenses paid trip to Vancouver because of it. But really, Vancouver is a city that we think is severely underestimated in so many ways. Maybe you’re keeping it that way so that none of us catch on to the secret. I get it. You don’t want the city overrun with fanny packs. Also, make sure JT (Trudeau, not Timberlake) sees this.”

How are the socks designs inspired?

“Don’t get me wrong, the city itself is totes gorgeous. But we were really intrigued with the natural beauty and history of the totems.”

How limited is limited edition? Is there only 100 pairs or so of certain designs?

“They’re actually not limited edition. We’ll make them as long as people buy them.”

Will we see socks in stores? Or will it always be a wonderful surprise in our mailbox monthly?

“We’ll definitely have a play with these Vancouver socks in retail stores. So if you know any cool shops in Vancity (is that what the cool kids call it?) that want to carry them, let us know. At some point, yes, you’ll see FC as a whole in retail. But only in a way that makes sense to us. We’ve got to keep it real.”

If you’re from another place, go see if there’s already a sock design for your city in the Mytropolis section of FootCardigan.com. So far I see Washington, D.C., Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, London, and Dallas.

Thanks so much to Foot Cardigan for sending us a pair of socks to feature!