As I was catching up with Karen and Jennifer at West Oak in Yaletown, when my colleague Diana swung by our table.

Me: (surprised) “Oh my! What are you doing here?”
Diana: “I’m here to celebrate with Stephanie and our group of friend’s for our 30th Birthday. We only chose this place 2 hours ago.”
Me: “This was a last minute birthday gathering?”
Diana: “Well not exactly, we were scheduled at another place. But with a big group, this other place wanted to charge us a cake-cutting fee and a bunch of other fees so we decided to change to here. West Oak is really accommodating!”
Me: “What?!…”

Though Yaletown on a Friday night may not be the top-of-mind neighbourhood to go to for family gatherings, I was really surprised to hear about these extra fees that some restaurants are starting to charge at their establishments. I wonder if this fee is established to discourage group gatherings, discourage the inclusion of outside desserts and baked goods? We heard of a corkage fee, when you bring your own bottle of wine in, but now cake-cutting?

If you’re watching your costs, it’s always a good idea to call or check out what the group-dining policy is. For groups of 8 or more, gratuity may automatically be added or there may be other fees added in the establishment.

Happy Birthday to our fellow 30-somethings!
From one perspective we may feel “old”, but from another perspective, I heard 30s are the new 20s.
Let’s keep on celebrating, and of course, enjoy responsibly.