Until this Wednesday July 20th, you can experience the #GALAXYLIFE centre/pop-up store right outside of Waterfront Station in between the Rogue and Steamworks restaurants in Downtown Vancouver. Here’s our highlights from visiting the pop-up store on the preview night and throughout July.

#GALAXYLIFE, a 60 x 60 installation at Vancouver’s Waterfront Station, brings the latest tech and innovation from Samsung Canada to life in a fully immersive setting. It showcases how these products will integrate into any lifestyle. BC is home to some of the country’s top table tennis contenders, so to kick it all off, Samsung brought in two elites who demonstrated their skills with invited guests.

Exploring a Virtual World
We walked over to the stands to enter our contact info and other details before waiting in line to take photos to create our own Rio-themed dancing avatar.


We waited for our names to be called, then we entered a very white room to be scanned in 360 degrees separately.

When it was my turn, I attempted to be scanned twice.
Unfortunately for wearing my black and white skirt, the computer crashed twice because of processing the white.
So make sure if you do visit, avoid wearing white for a successful scan.Table Tennis with the former Table Tennis Olympians
With the countdown to Rio, we were invited for a friendly and competitive match with Team Canada’s finest Table Tennis Olympic athletes.

Oculus Gear VR
In the seats on the other side of the pop-up, we previewed the different VR (virtual reality) movies using the S7 and the Oculus headgear.

I got motion sick easily when I tried the roller coaster experience. I had to stop after 10 seconds.
My favourite VR movies I experienced were the CFL Behind-the-Scenes photoshoot and a visit to Rio.
It was really easy to cycle through the different experiences while spinning around in the chair.

On my wish-list: IconX
The newest gear I’m most excited about is the Samsung Gear IconX. It’s pretty cool that the cord-free fitness earbuds also has a heart-rate and fitness tracker built-in. With a few swipes, it’s easy to control the volume and playback.