Often times I forget that not many organizations show gratitude and recognition for hard-work and dedication on a regular basis. As an educator at the office, in classrooms and at kitchen table, I learned over the years how valuable it is to show appreciation for a job well done.

Every year, in between the large general training sessions, teams gather for group photos before we head into cheer at the North American Gala.
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As we climbed up to our seats in the high-up section, we found many plastic light-up wristbands.  It was pretty cool to see how the whole stadium lit up with different coloured patterns to cheer on the award winners.

It was great to see co-founder Rich Thawley onstage to ask everyone to support congratulating the top-achievers. The crowd laughed as he brought two people to volunteer how to correctly greet people on stage (hi-fives over hugs). Maybe everyone recalled how long hugging added to the time of last year’s gala. I remember at midnight at the 2015 gala that I was getting tired when the end time was scheduled for 10pm, but ended up at 12am.
Rich also reminded us to be a good example of a tam-player when he said, “Respect those who worked hard.”

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Congratulations to all the award winners, and perhaps we will see you onstage next year? Thank you everyone for showing your true team spirit by staying until the end to celebrate company achievement.