We were invited to preview the latest collection from CND – Craft Culture at Onyx Aesthics in Gastown this week.

When I first saw the board showcasing the inspiration for the new collection, it looks as if they translated the vibe of Gastown and Yaletown to a collection. Very rustic, with brick walls… Textured and weathered, and feeling real and warm.

By far, I’m drawn to both the Patina Buckle and Oxblood Colours. I love the deep dark red. The Patina Buckle is fun – it has two of my favourite colours in one, depending on what angle you look at it. It may look like a lavendar purple at one angle, and a light blue at another angle.

Patina Buckle, Brick Knit, Brass Button, Hand-fired , Fern Flannel, Oxblood, Leather Satchel, and Denim Patch

If you opt for VINYLUX (7 day colour), you will have 8 shades to choose from the Craft Culture collection. If you opt for Shellac, you will have 6 to choose from this collection. When I go back, I’ll likely be switching from Shellac to Vinylux so I can wear both Fern Flannel (the deep green) and Brass Button (I really like my gold).

Thanks again to the teams at CND, Onyx Aesthetics and @ASCPR for a wonderful preview experience!