I love touring around Vancouver, and looking at a subject from a variety of angles and perspectives. This week, my Business students and I hopped on the 135 SFU express bus from downtown to visit Hastings Park in East Vancouver.

This week’s theme was about Competition. I wanted to take the students around Hastings Park and Hastings Racecourse to show the aspect of competition through the history of horse-racing.

I like to start our field trip walks with a little help with coffee. As we were far away from another Tim Horton’s or Starbucks in Downtown, we opted to grab coffee on the east-side of the Cassiar Connection and Empire Park.

We were amazed to see touchscreens greet us as we walked in!

I asked Manoel, Valentina and Yuki if they had seen these machines in Downtown yet. Surprisingly they said no. Hm, I wonder why they chose East Van?

If you’re price-conscious (ie: I tried to add a 50 cent pastry to our coffees to make combos, but we had to delete our order and add it a specific way because we kept getting it at 89 cents. ), you may want to head to the till. However if you want to explore the many options to customize your order, it’s pretty amazing on how you can explore those things easily. Entertaining while ordering… I want to bring my little cousins to play around ordering their lunch.

Photo by Manoel

So whichever brand of coffee (speed or quality…)you go for, it’s always fun to learn about the new innovative ways to retain or gain new retail customers with technology.

Exploring Hastings Park