It’s that time of year where thousands of WFG associates across North America gather for our annual convention. As usual, I like to take a few days in advance to prepare to bring as little as possible so I can make sure I bring back enough new marketing collateral in my carry-on luggage. While I was going through my toiletries checklist, I realized how much Lush Cosmetics had always helped me reduce the amount of liquid toiletries that I bring in my carry-on suitcase.

Here are my favourite Lush Cosmetic products for traveling lighter.

Shampoo Bar


Solid Conditioner Bar

Welcome to the Jungle

Remember you don’t need a big amount of shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair. Though times it’s tempting to leave the shampoo and conditioner, I find that sometimes my smooth black hair doesn’t like hotel shampoos and conditioners sometimes. I love using both of these bars as they provide a really nice finish to my hair.

Saving Space & Weight Tip: Buy a shampoo bar, conditioner and the tin. At home, cut both the shampoo bar and conditioner bar in half, and put two halves of them into one tin.
Massage Bar
In Las Vegas, we spend a lot of time wandering the Strip and to and from our hotel rooms to the large arenas for talks and ceremonies. I remember in my first year, my legs were pretty sore. I was happy that I brought my favourite massage bar, Wiccy Magic Muscles. The red beads are aduki beans, which help with the massage. In a pinch, it also doubles as a moisturizer. If you’re not fan of the spicy scent, there are also other massage bars to choose from.

Toothy Tabs
06346toothy tabs

I like to save space as much as possible with as little waste possible. It annoys me when I have half a tube of travel-sized or regular toothpaste, which the packaging takes up some significant space in my toiletry pack. With Toothy Tabs, they’re like mini portions of toothpaste in dried pill form. To use it, all you need to do is pop one in your mouth, chew a bit, and start brushing with a bit of water before the foam action starts.

If you’re feeling a little more “heavenly”, you can always choose to go with the Breath of God or another variety of Toothy Tabs.

Happy travels!
And for those joining us for the Momentum-themed Convention in Las Vegas, see you there!