“A line up around the block for a burger place?!” I exclaimed in surprise as Tim approached the newly opened CaliBurger in Downtown Vancouver.

Tim: “Oh look! It’s only to the door now!” as we walked inside.

Me: “Why is this such a big deal? It’s just another burger place like McDonald’s right?”


Tim: “They make their burgers fresh. It’s really similar to In-and-Out Burger. Plus, where else in the middle of the downtown core and finance district can we find something like this, to easily grab a burger and go?”

They serve Nitro Stumptown Cold Brew, on tap!

Juicy Double Burger!

The burgers were really delicious and juicy. I wasn’t the happiest with the fries. The manager apologized saying that the fries usually are fresher and crispier, as I felt that I had really soggy and over-salted fries. Past the moment of hangriness, I just focused on filling up on the double cheeseburger instead.

On the plus side, there’s an Infinite Soda machine by Coca Cola! It was fun to choose between Coke Zero Vanilla, Cherry or other flavours.

Tim mentioned that on the large big-screen, there’s usually a group playing Mine Craft. As it was NBA finals, it was playing the latest game, then other shows from a Seattle feed.

If it’s not too packed next time, I will definitely come back to have a burger and beer or a Stumptown Cold Brew. And I will definitely ask them to remake the fries if they’re soggy and over-salted again.