I love making time to catch up with dear friends, especially former awesome roommates. Edythe and I were were catching up over beers, when she shared a couple of eye-opening stories about the stuff she’s been seeing as an on-call nurse. One story she shared was why we move around in our sleep, how we need to make sure we have our blood and oxygen circulate efficiently.

Then I realized I have procrastinated in sharing my experience trying out the latest DORMEO® Pillows! Tim and I tried the latest pillows from DORMEO®: The DORMEO® Evolution Dream Pillow and the DORMEO® Evolution Dream Memory Foam Pillow.

Dormeo Memory Foam Pillow

These pillows will suit those who feel very hot while sleeping in the night, and also those who like a lot of elevated support.

5 Year Warranty

I’m both a back and side sleeper. I loved sitting up against either pillows to read books at night, and to check my emails on my phone in the morning.

On colder nights, I like this pillow to elevate my head so I don’t wake up with a stuffed nose or sinus.
Thank you very much to @DormeoCanada and the Idea Workshop teams for the opportunity to test out these ergonomic pillows with the latest cooling technology.