While on break in between teaching a business and design class, I learned about the upcoming ARITAUM Launch in Vancouver. As a big advocate for learning hands-on and in-person, our select Business students were excited to experience a live brand-launch event.

Ryan, former Hyundai design engineer, shared that while he grew up in Korea, that it was very normal for him to work with 5 – 7 layers of skincare products. As the class gasped, he nonchalantly added that it was just the norm for everyone growing up. He was looking forward to seeing some brands he recognized from Korea like Laneige and Sulwhasoo.

Media Swag bag featuring many trial kits from IOPE, Laneige and Sulwhasoo.

We made our way to the Friday morning media event from Downtown on the Canada Line. Ryan also asked, “Why does AmorePacific have all these different names and brands? Aren’t they all similar cosmetics?”

Being young women used to having a large selection of beauty and care products to choose from, Hikari, Saeko and I started to chuckle. When Ryan put on his “serious, pouty” face, I cleared my throat and went back into “teacher-mode.”

“Ryan, that’s a really good question. All goods and services, whether cosmetics, drinks, clothes, financial services or food, all fulfill our basic needs. When you boil down the essence of each good or service, that’s initially their main function. Okay class, let’s focus on cosmetics, why do we wear cosmetics or take care of our skin?”

Hikari: “To look beautiful.”

Saeko: “To feel confident.”

Me: “Great job! Yes, most of us choose skincare products and cosmetics to look beautiful, thus being the major link to the majority of us to feel confident to face the day. The key ideas we will be learning about at this event are “What feelings are you giving to each target customer?” and “How is AmorePacific accomplishing that with brands under the ARITAUM umbrella brand?”
Upon arrival, we were whisked away to join Joyce and other beauty bloggers for a tour around the new store with Beauty Trainer Brenda Hong.

After lunch gathering to learn about the other brands that The Fairchild Group also nurtures, I asked our students about what they learned from the event.

“Wow, the store is so much fun. I wish we could stay longer to explore all of the brands! Everything smells so good.”

“I see Laneige is really popular with youth just getting started with their skincare, and they often move onto the IOPE brands in their 30s then progress to the Sulwhasso products as they all take care of different skin needs. It’s not just about what age group or skin problem on the outside, but also how to prevent issues from deep beneath the skin.”

“It’s so nice to learn that they give very generous samples in really beautiful packaging when one makes a purchase. Their packaging designs are very beautiful and attractive, makes me feel like I’m going to be putting something special on for special me.”

Thank you again to the AmorePacific.US, IW Group, Inc., and Thomson & Fenn Trading Ltd. (a division of the Fairchild Group) teams for providing such a great insight to an international brand launch in a local area of Richmond and Vancouver to my business students!