Ladurée finally here in Vancouver! I kept hearing about the hour plus long lineups, I crossed my fingers as we walked to visit the newest international macaron and pastry shop on Robson Street. Being the last day of the term for my Business students, I decided to take them during our break.


Insider-Tip: Knowing that my friends had lined up for over an hour during the first few days, I asked the server when it was usually the busiest? She shared that usually between 2pm to 5pm is the busiest time.

Lemon and Strawberry macarons

Both Sun-hee and I liked the Strawberry, Lemon, and Cherry Blossom flavoured macarons. The Strawberry has a delicious chewy marshmallow filling!

Pistachio, Lemon, Marie Antoinette, Maple Syrup, Orange Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla Macarons at Ladurée

Overall everyone loved the blue Marie Antoinette macaron that reminded us all of lavender and Earl Grey tea.

I hope one day the Vancouver location will have their dark chocolate croissants like when we tried them at the Les Marquis de Ladurée chocolate shop in Paris.

A little piece of dark chocolate Ladurée heaven comes with your tea or specialty coffee


Happy tea-time! Thank you Sun-hee Kim for sharing your photos of our morning outing.