Finally it feels like Spring weather in Vancouver! The sun has been shining, but often I forget when I step out that the wind is super chilly. Between teaching in classrooms and at kitchen tables, I’ve been working on some spring cleaning items.


As I always loved my closet, I decided to start on downsizing and updating some pieces in my wardrobe. Since I made a decision to also prioritize budgeting for my personal finances, I wanted to figure another way for a fashion update.

Why not join a clothing swap? It’s been awhile since I’ve been part of one, and I’m so happy Caroline and Stephanie sent me an invite to join theirs on Facebook.


From their generous collaborative efforts, here are tips I’d like to share so you’ll have a great time at clothing swaps.

  • Be Considerate: If you think this is a great place to dump your old clothes with stains and holes, let’s put those into “let’s make into washcloths” pile. Please respect that organizers and other attendees will be bringing their nicely cleaned clothes, as if they were planning to give to family.
  • Check for other allowable swappables: As I brought the majority of my clothes at a past swap, when I was invited to another one, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go. Luckily they shared that I could bring in nearly new makeup samples like perfume and accessories that I didn’t want anymore to swap!
  • Have Fun: It can be as intimate and fun of a time you want. Maybe you’ll end up with an unplanned, colourful opportunity like we did. One colour match can lead to another…

Now get out there and turn some heads with your newly swapped threads.

Photo credits: Steph Schumann

Thanks again Steph Schumann (Steph Schumann Photography), Caroline MacGillivray (Founder and Executive Director of Beauty night Society) and all the lovely ladies for making swaps in Vancouver always a fun and memorable experience!