On our last day in Portland, Brian and I met up with Jacob of Travel Portland at the coveted brunch and breakfast establishment, Mother’s Bistro & Bar.

This is part of our recent Winter Travel Weekend posts (#WinterPDXnow) chronicling our visit down to Portland during #PDXnow #Collabofest sponsored by Travel Portland.


I decided to go early, to arrive and check my emails and networks over their wireless. Because weekends are super-packed, the hosts were kind enough to lend me their phone while I was waiting. As I people-watched while waiting, the hosts were really jovial, and shared about the families that come in. It was so cute to learn about how one of the hosts is a father, and how he recognized many of the families that came through the doors.

When Jacob and Brian arrived, we waited for a bit and then were swept by the many packed tables and seated. The rich coffee flowed as we were wrapped in the delightful wafts of weekend brunch goodness.

Biscuits and Gravy
Cinnamon Buns at Mother’s Bistro
Coated in Cornflakes!

We started off with sampling Biscuits and Gravy, Crunchy French Toast and their Cinnamon Buns. With all the brunch places I’ve visited to date, I have not personally raised my eyebrows in amazement in quite a long time, especially with French Toast. Often times I opt for Belgian Waffles straight away because I love eating things with a soft crunch. I was really surprised on how much I liked their Crunchy French Toast, which is coated and dipped in cornflakes.  Both Jacob and Brian dug into in their egg bennies as I devoured my Belgian Waffle.


Chef Lisa came out of the busy kitchen to welcome us. We were delighted to learn about how they take pride in great food and a loving, warm dining experience, as if you just went back home to visit your mom.

The team at Mother’s Bistro and Bar really raised up my personal standards for weekend brunch. I have no idea where I’m going to find Vancouver’s equivalent of a place that has super warm and friendly hospitable service, along with the high-quality taste for such great value.

Thank you to the team at Travel Portland for arranging and sponsoring HelloVancity for our first visit to Portland. And thanks so much for the team at Mother’s Bistro and Bar for your generous hospitality and opportunity to experience Portland’s brunch staple.