What would you do if one day there was a cloning machine available? What would you the other copies of you be doing? For myself personally, I would send everyone to a different local event happening at the same time as another.

We were invited to attend the latest pop-up shopping event by Sip & Shop YVR. 
Here are memorable moments I snapped up as I swung by to preview the event.

Blossom Box Jewelry

I didn’t quite make it to swinging on the dance poles, but as I left they were starting up a lap-dancing workshop.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the overwhelming, impersonal feeling trade-show experience, it’s worthwhile to come shop at the next Sip & Shop event. It was a very intimate experience, where the service and attention is very high quality. Make sure you make time, as I wished I stayed longer to have a full experience to get a chance to meet and talk with everyone.

Learn more about Sip & Shop YVR Events >

The next one’s theme will be a Midnight Garden Pop Up!