We swung by Yogibo Canada during the latest Vancouver Wellness show.

I tried out the Yogibo Max that transforms from a comfortable seat to a bed.

So many colours to choose from!
Maybe for flights this neck pillow is too big…

Curious about how comfortable Yogibo furniture is? Either visit them at Coquitlam Centre or find out what show they are going to be featured at next.

Update: Canadians can now shop online at https://ca.yogibo.com

About Yogibo
Yogibos are not your typical bean bag, this is the only furniture that loves you back and has had everyone saying “Ooh” and “Ahhh” for years. With plenty of luxurious, everybody friendly bean bags, body rolls, pillows and inspiring accessories, Yogibo can transform any building into a truly awesome and personalized relaxation zone; encouraging all to “be more cozy, play, and chill”, inside and out.