This is part of our recent Winter Travel Weekend posts (#WinterPDXnow) chronicling our visit down to Portland during #PDXnow #Collabofest sponsored by Travel Portland.

I think if we didn’t have a full meal at Taylor Railworks nearby, I think the staff would have had to mop my drool while waiting. When we entered through the front doors, we were embraced with the waft of smoky barbeque with a sweet Hawaiian twist.

Since it was also a bustling Saturday night, we opted to try the mini versions of 3 cocktails on the menu at the bar while everyone had their drink, waiting for their table. I chuckled when the drinks arrived, as I forgot “mini” versions is the equivalent of regular Canadian sizes.

You can’t go wrong with the Moscow Mule, a combo of vodka and refreshing spicy ginger beer. We also tasted the sweet Kingpin and the Everything Sour cocktails.

If you’re looking for a place in between a club and a pub, Bit House Saloon is a great option for a quality selection of cocktails.

Thank you to the team at Travel Portland for arranging and sponsoring HelloVancity for our first visit to Portland. And thanks so much for the team at Bit House Saloon for your hospitality on a bustling Saturday night!

About Bit House Saloon
This Southeast Portland bar features single-barrel spirits on tap, barrel-aged beer and cocktails from a powerhouse local bar team. In total, the bar has 28 drinks on tap — from spirits to beer to wine to cocktails and beyond.

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