Currently available only in the USA, we got an exclusive preview to try out AwesomeBox.

Are you always looking for the perfect gift that surprises, delights and moves your recipient to tears? It’s tough finding a gift that shows your recipient how much you cherish them. Now, transform your gift giving with AwesomeBox, an entirely new way to give a truly memorable surprise gift.

AwesomeBox helps you create a distinctly personal and unmistakable thoughtful gift. Easily curate personal memories, stories and photos of your loved ones, and package them into an eye-catching one-of-a-kind gift that will have them smiling, crying and laughing.

The cool thing about AwesomeBox is that you don’t have to create it alone! Invite friends and family across the globe to add messages and photos online to deliver something personal. Fill the gift by “crowdsourcing” the love and respect that surrounds the recipient with memories from others.

It’s easy to have fun creating and collecting messages and photos that tell your recipient why they are so awesome:

  • Add custom photos, stories and messages online at AwesomeBox
  • These are magically converted into colorfully printed 5.25” x 5.25” cards
  • Cards are placed into elegant memory box that is shipped directly to the awesome recipient

AwesomeBox is “social-by-design” and a fun way to see all the photos and messages in a virtual surprise party!  You and the crowd can create a totally unique boxset of custom cards that become a time capsule of favorite cherished memories that can be shared, talked about, laughed and cried over for years.

AwesomeBox is the perfect gift for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, capturing school year memories, memorials, and more! AwesomeBox start at $49 for a 25-card box.
Learn more about AwesomeBox by going to

Some Tips based on our Experience:

  • If you do order items from USA-based sites because of access to more options and products not available in Canada, then this will be a breeze for you. For myself, as I usually order things within Canada, there was a lot more coordination to do
  • My friends don’t check their emails all the time – so it’s best to message and call those who want to participate (I always forget how much I look at my photos all the time that this was a cinch).
  • Make sure when you do give the gift, you may need to guide them to open them with you…
    • I shared this box with our business partner with our recently promoted Executive Marketing Director, however I wasn’t able to be there… so make sure when collaborating that there’s someone who can guide the recipient,too
  • All-in-all, a very very thoughtful idea… and with more collaborators… remember to also add more time to have the event go smoothly.