Once at the beginning of every quarter, to satisfy my need for some order, I like to browse around for ideas and inspiration for organization and storage. Just like my outfits, I need the elements of stylish practicality fulfilled.

At our last visit to WineStains Academy, we got a sneak peack into Richmond Wine Lockers and the Winestain Club.

For those with large collections, there’s special storage available to rent.
If you have space in your house to display your collection, there are also ideas for on the wall racks or fridges.

Looking for rare bottles of wine? We look a look into the Winestain Club collection of the rare and coveted bottles of wine.

Roccato 95, 97
A big bottle (magnum) 2005 Ch. la Mission Haut-Brion starts at $2,000

Regions and years always confused me when it came to wine-shopping.  Barry shared about the importance of the relationship between years and regions because of course depending on the climate and weather, it will highly affect the quality of the grapes in the region where they are grown.

Thank you to Barry and the team at WineStains for the wonderful preview and tour!