This is part of our recent Winter Travel Weekend posts (#WinterPDXnow) chronicling our visit down to Portland during #PDXnow #Collabofest sponsored by Travel Portland.

Happy (soon-to-be) Valentine’s Weekend everyone! Or as my work-husband/business-partner says, “Happy Singles-Awareness Day”. Whatever an excuse to celebrate, can also be a reason for another short getaway or a night out at a nice restaurant.

While in Portland, Jacob of Travel Portland connected us with the team of the new restaurant, Taylor Railworks. Being nostalgic, as I spent a part of my career at a brand marketing agency in Railtown, I was excited to make time to visit Taylor Railworks with Brian during the recent #Collabofest weekend.

If you like to spend a lot of time in establishments by Coal Harbour, Gastown, Yaletown in Vancouver, you will find it to be home (like I did) when stepping into Taylor Railworks.

As much as Brian and I wanted to lap in the many cocktails at TRWPDX, our tastebuds needed a little break from spirits, so we settled to share an Albuquerque cocktail. Passing over sweet concoctions,  I wanted to continue on the bitter trend with something more smokey.

TaylorRailworksPDX-180219787-albuquerque cocktail
From the “Bitter” Cocktail area, The Albuquerque featuring Rye, Amer Lapsang, and Ancho Chile.

Taylor Railworks just opened September 2015 by Chef Erik Van Kley. He is known for his large influence and partaking of two popular Portland restaurants, Le Pigeon and Little Bird.

TaylorRailworksPDX-175349766 scallop
Scallop, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Perilla, Pistachio, and Spicy Mayo

Our scallop appie had a great balance of succulent, softness from the scallop along with freshness of the cucumbers and crunchiness of the pistachios.

TaylorRailworksPDX-175401974 octopus
Octopus Ranchero, Spicy Tomato, Aracini

Super curious about Aracini, we ordered it from the Small Plates section of their menu. If you’re into fusion food like me, this is like combining the exotic nature of octopus and spicy tomatoes with the comfort food carb of cornbread.

TaylorRailworksPDX-183417964 brisket.jpg
Slow Roasted Brisket, Portobello, Aji Panca, Sweet Potato

Continuing the smokey theme, and to take a break from seafood, we ordered their slow roasted brisket. Anytime I order anything slow roasted, I’m always expecting softness, juiciness and the meat to easily fall apart on my fork. Definitely TRWPDX fulfilled those slow-roasted requirements with a great amount of smokiness. Knowing that dessert was along its way, we packed some to take away to snack on later.

TaylorRailworksPDX-190843913 poached pear.jpg
Poached Pear, Brown-Butter Almond Cake, Yuzu-Marscarpone Ice Cream

Think of this dessert to be the ombre of temperature and sweetness. Starting at the ice-cream and moving toward the cake, it’s going from a refreshing tangy chill of the yuzu-marscarpone ice cream to the amazing poached pear, and to a warm and sweet almond cake. I hope no one else heard me hum Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” as I nibbled at the ice cream, pear, and cake.

Portland may be known for their almost 70 local craft beer breweries, and seafood does not come up on that list often. If you’re like me, when in a new city, inkling for a little piece of home or fish, this is definitely a place to come to. Especially after exhausting our palettes after visiting 16 breweries, we need a nice break.

I get intimidated when I visit the States because of their overly, giant portions. It’s a weird challenge to admit that your tastebuds get tired. I felt dining at Taylor Railworks was a good match because the sizes of all the plates were just right… large for “Canadian-large” but just-right to share with two people. I appreciate a fine balance of quality over quantity. So if you need a high-quality seafood fix, make sure you make a reservation at TRWPDX (since it can be booked up very often).

Thank you to the team at Travel Portland for arranging and sponsoring HelloVancity for our first visit to Portland. And thanks so much for the team at Taylor Railworks for your generous hospitality and opportunity to dine at your fabulous restaurant!

About Taylor Railworks
We are fortunate to find ourselves in the Pacific Northwest where produce is abundant and the growing conditions are conducive to so many of the international ingredients that have captured our imaginations. We work with local farms to find the freshest produce and with local growers for the best in proteins. You’ll find some familiar American Classics on our menu, and some with an unexpected twist.

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