This Holiday Season, imaginative Quebec-based NOUWEE is asking Canadians to create the magic of memories through unforgettable party accessories. In time for the holidays, the brand has expanded into Ontario with three newly developed, family-friendly party favours.

NOUWEE offers lanterns that hail from ancient Asian tradition that will illuminate the night sky as you send them off – Dear Santa Lanterns and Wish Lanterns.

This Dear Santa Lantern was featured during the Christmas Holiday Season, and it’s another excuse to bring it out during Chinese / Lunar New Year Celebrations. Nouwee sent us two lanterns for us to try out.

First Attempt with Jordan:

Out in the middle of Central Park in Burnaby, Jordan and I tried to send our first lantern up in the air. Luckily Jordan is pretty tall, as I struggled with lighting up with my matches I brought. Maybe because it was super cold, it took a few minutes for hot air to fill up the paper lantern. There was a slight lift-off, but then we needed to help guide the balloon a little higher.


Eventually as soon as the lantern caught some air, we Ooohed and Ahhed as we saw it float over the skytrain station and above the many forests of Central Park toward the moon.

Second Attempt with Monica and Mifumi:
Don’t forget to always bring a lighter or a few matches just in case you there are no stores open to run out to, to buy lighting materials. Luckily back in Thailand, Monica used to light up many of these lanterns during celebrations so sending this one off was really easy.

We made our wishes and sent off the lantern in the middle of Kits in Vancouver right after midnight. It was pretty magical to watch it float higher and higher into oblivion.

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Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
Thank you Nouwee for the opportunity to review the new party favours!


NOUWEE is an imaginative company from Quebec, dedicated to creating unforgettable moments through party accessories. Their mission is to create unique and magical moments to share with your friends and family. After the death of a close friend, owner Alexandre Goupil-Lévesque realized the time he spent with people he loved is what made him happiest. It is with this idea that sparked NOUWEE. At 25, he launched the company with play, accessibility and creativity at the heart of it. You may have seen NOUWEE on CBC’s Dans l’oeil du dragon, the Quebec version of Dragon’s Den, where he was offered mentoring sessions by Dragons: Mitch Garber, Daniele Henkel and Serge Beauchemin.