A balanced investment portfolio should be diverse and also include fine art, but how does one choose the best artwork to invest in?

The first step towards successful art investment is now at your fingertips.
Chali-Rosso Art Gallery is excited to hold two very special presentations titled “The Fine Art of Investing in Fine Art“.

Here are highlights from attending the VIP January Session.
Find out how to attend the upcoming February session.

Guest speakers included:
Mr. Peter Szeto – Financial advisor, specialized in private wealth management
Mr. Andrew Fisher – Fine Art Acquisition Expert, specialized in 19th and 20th Century Masters.

Here are some fun facts that Andrew and Peter shared:
How do you determine if an artist is a “blue chip investment”

  • It will depend on their known reputation over the long-term.

Think of emerging artists of today as “startup companies”. Not a lot of track record, but they may be innovative in the way that they do things… just like in business. However like startup companies, their future performance is speculative.

I’ve met a lot of friends and colleagues who absolutely adore Picasso. Personally, he’s not one of my favourites, however I can understand why many love his work. Picasso is known for doing a lot of things outside the box during his time.

Did you know Picasso’s estate donated $660 Million USD to the French Government in the 70s to settle his tax bill?

So in today’s dollars, that’s $2.6 Billion USD… and at today’s exchange rate…  close to $3.64 Billion CDN.

And do you ever wonder why pieces of art are more valuable when the artist has passed away?

Think of it relating to the concept of supply and demand. As the artist is no longer alive… it means that he cannot create any more work (ie: not create any more pieces)… thus the pieces left behind are the only works available… thus are seen as rare… Supply = Low, Demand = High.

Genuine, rare pieces can fetch a pretty penny.

All in all, invest in art because you love it. (Ie: Don’t just aim for the money, buy the piece of art because you connect with it first.)

About Chali-Rosso

Chali-Rosso Art Gallery first opened its door in 2005 on South Granville’s Gallery Row. After the collection has quadrupled in size the gallery had to look for a bigger location and moved to it’s current address, to the heart of Downtown Vancouver. The collection is primarily focused on graphic works of the most well known Modern Masters, such as Pablo PICASSO, Salvador DALÍ, Marc CHAGALL, Joan MIRÓ and Henri MATISSE. In addition, we also offer works by REMBRANDT van Rijn, Pierre-Auguste RENOIR, Edgar DEGAS, Édouard MANET, Andy WARHOL and a variety of others.