It’s been super chilly these days, and looking at the mountains I see there’s fresh snow!
That brings me back to the holidays when Nouwee sent us a pack of fun toys to play with to make memorable IG moments.

Light Walk at Grouse Mountain

When Sora, Mai and I went up to Grouse Mountain in December to volunteer in the Gingerbread Village, we wandered around. We came across the “Light Walk”. Mai and I giggled when Sora was being super cautious climbing down steeper trails.

Mai and Sora

Towards the end of the walk, I forgot I had packed a bit of colour in my tote bag – Nouwee’s Snow Colour.
Although the saying says “not to eat yellow snow,” no one said you can’t throw it. This winter, your kids can create a technicoloured Frosty with the help of NOUWEE Snow Colour– vibrant, kid-safe pigment perfect for snowmen and snowballs.


2015-GrouseMountain--20To be better prepared next time, I will definitely cut out more stencils so the message would’ve been easier to see.

Overall, it was really fun to share the message writing with Sora and Mai. It was like dusting icing onto snow!

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