Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) commissioned research to determine how the most successful women in the insurance and financial services industry were able to arrive at such esteemed positions in a male-dominated field. The results were compiled and are now being published in a new book, “Financial Services: Women at the Top – A WIFS Research Study.”

Arthea Reed and Diane Dixon, both leaders in the financial services industry, authored the research-backed book with a goal to attract, develop and advance women in their field.

Here are our favourite quotes from the new book.

Besides food, fashion and adventure, I also tend to crave ways to learn and share knowledge.

wifs-financial-study-quote-wifs-financial-study-quote--7wifs-financial-study-quote--2Whether during moments of teaching in a classroom or sitting with a family at a kitchen table to strategize for their future, often times I would remind students and families that any formal training is not the silver bullet for a happy, successful life. Over my years working in media production, I have always seen how dangerous it can be for a professional to opt out of continuing studies.

wifs-financial-study-quote--4wifs-financial-study-quote--3wifs-financial-study-quote--5“Although women have become much more prevalent in the workplace over the past 40 years, they have not succeeded at the level they could if provided with more support by the primarily male leadership of the insurance and financial services industries,” Reed said. “The percentage of women in professional and entrepreneurial roles in the industry is no greater than it was in 1996 when I first joined the industry—less than 20 percent. Women need other women to serve as role models and mentors.”

Thank you to WIFS for the opportunity to review the book!